grünBAG Bags

grünBAG bags are ethically made from sustainable materials. We work for a greener future with more care and recycling. In grünBAG we want to reconsider the possibilities of the things we are throwing out. It has resulted in a colorful collection of recycled bags that provide a unique alternative for those who want something quite different and sustainable.

90% of all of the materials we use at grünBAG are either reused or sustainably sourced materials. We work hard to incorporate a zero waste approach in our company. Our ongoing focus is to reuse scraps and finding new creative ways to prevent waste production.

Today, our colorful collection of bags offers a unique eco-friendly alternative. Made from highly durable materials crafted to withstand industrial wear and tear, our bags thrive with everyday use. They are therefore perfect companions for your adventures in life – at work or at study.



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